Hot Lighting Trend: Rechargeable Lamps

Last year I was totally on board with the rechargeable and battery operated lightbulb trend, I cut the wires and cords off wall sconces and installed those lightbulbs both here and here to add ambient light.

This year the hottest trend in lighting is rechargeable lamps because they’re so good. I have a little brass rechargeable lamp I use around the house in Florida, I store it above the bar cabinet for a quick grab. It’s so easy to move this light source wherever I need it in the evening like when I’m working at my desk after dark.

Hop on board the latest trend in lighting with these rechargeable and versatile lamps!

These can be moved outside (weather permitting) for al fresco summer evening soirees. Imagine a set of these on your dining room table for autumn or holiday tablescapes in addition to or in lieu of candles. I’m sure these will be popping up everywhere on tables this upcoming holiday season.


white lamp / bronze lamp

pottery barn pencil cordless lamp (multiple colors)


task lamp / bamboo lamp

antique brass rechargeable lamp


rechargeable pair (multiple pretty colors) /  green lamp (multiple colors)



rechargeable lantern

portable table lamps

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